BTN: RD and Jacksen was illegal

“Trained local coach, teams we back 100 years backwards.”Tuesday, March 31, 2013, 3: 23 pm WIBEdwan Ruriansyah, Dhanniary Anry Rahmad Darmawan lead national team training (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)VIVAbola- centralizing the national team practice Situation Indonesia began with the arrival of coach conducive Rahmad Darmawan and duet Jacksen Ferreira Tiago. But now it is precisely the management of national team questioned the appointment of them.

RD and temporarily replace Jacksen position coach Luis Manuel Blanco. They are preparing the national team for the Asian Cup 2015 Pre game cons, Saudi Arabia, March 23, 2013, later. The position of national team coach seat Blanco also will be evaluated after the game.
However, the change that got resistance from national team manager and several members of The National Team (BTN). They still insist on wanting to use Blanco as head coach. In fact, Abel threatened to resign if Blanco VII.

“What’s this? There is no talk of anything with the other members of the BTN, but suddenly changed coaches. There is no greatest ethical treatise such as this, “said Abel when contacted by a reporter.

“If trained local coach, the team we’re going backwards 100 years back,” he added.

Speech by Chairman Habil also is BTN Isran Noor,. The man who also served as the Regent of Kutai Timur explains that Blanco was still a legitimate national team coach.

“RD and Jacksen was illegal. They are not valid. Therefore, Blanco until recently still so authorized trainer, “wrote in a brief message Isran told reporters. (ibk)

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