Edinson Cavani Naples Set Price

The value is exorbitant. Only the rich clubs can afford it. Tuesday, March 31, 2013, 17: 01 EST Edinson Cavani (REUTERS/Ciro De Luca)VIVAbola- President of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, striker Edinson Cavani membanderol by 60 million pounds or about Rp878 billion. He is ready to take off from Uruguay forward it if there are any clubs that are willing to pay for that value.

Cavani is one of Europe’s finest bomber today. He has slotted 27 goals for Napoli this season. His name has entered the list of game-rich clubs such as Manchester City and Chelsea.

De Laurentiis insists, players that 26 years should only be moved with high prices. He does not want to throw away the most valuable asset of indiscriminate in his club.

“We are making very high purchase clause in the contract, Cavani as we wanted him to survive,” said De Laurentiis was quoted as saying in The Sun.

“But, if there are some freaks who are willing to pay a 60 million pound sterling, meaning Napoli will achieve net income of 54 million pounds (Rp790 billion), then we are ready to listen to the offer.”

De Laurentiis explains, the final decision moved or does not exist in the hands of Cavani. He will not force the former Palermo attacker it to move.

“Palermo forward Edinson Cavani also know that he’s respected here and people loved him,” Laurentiis said. (one)

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