Presence and Not Make Jacksen RD Blanco Upset

Luis Manuel Blanco (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)

VIVAbola -Coach Luis Manuel Blanco not upset even though his post in Indonesia national team occupied Rahmad Darmawan and Jacksen f. Tiago. Blanco just wish The National Team (BTN) gave him the information palpable about the situation that befell the Garuda’s current Squad.

“No, I’m not angry. I just got the information. But I am not angry. I just want to win the national team, “said Blanco when found reporters in Hotel Sultan, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

According to Blanco, he actually does not understand what is happening with the current national team. Because, the information obtained was minimal and only sourced from the reporter alone. However, Blanco remained more worried about national team ahead of the opponent, Saudi Arabia, March 23, 2013.

“The match stayed three days again, but there has been no clarity of who his coach later. This time, I want them to exercise calmly. But we’ve been preparing for it all. I believe this team can win. That’s all that matters, “said Blanco.

Blanco was appointed coach to deal with Indonesia’s national BTN. The former coach of the Chinese U-20 national team that has been contracted for two years. But admits match against Saudi Arabia, Blanco thus replaced with RD and Jacksen.

According to Deputy Chairman of PSSI, La Mattalitti Nyalla, Blanco will be evaluated after March 23, 2013. The decision was taken shortly after the former Boca Juniors player it return 16 players Indonesia Super League (ISL).

On this matter, has not been willing to comment much Blanco. Similarly, when asked whether he was willing to wait for his contract to the clarity of a match against Saudi Arabia. “I have a two-year contract as coach. There has been no official information so far. I need some clarity in the past, “said Blanco. (eh)

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