RD 28 players who Qualify Announce the selection

Rahmad Darmawan lead national team training (Jakarta Post/Randy Fernando)

VIVAbola -players that are prepared to strengthen Indonesia national team when dealing with Saudi Arabia, 23 March to 28 conical have upcoming names. Coach Rahmad Darmawan and Duet Jacksen f. Tiago next will write off five more names to assign core team.

“Yesterday, I really promise only 25 players only, but now there are 28 players. There are two reasons for adding it, “said Rahmad Darmawan in his press conference at the Hotel Sultan, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

“One, the process of administration of some players is still unclear. Secondly, we still want to see more fitness conditions, potential players with the game plan that we apply. In addition, the anticipation of the player’s injury, “he said.

Of the 28 already selected names, most of the players who competed in Indonesia Super League (ISL). There are only three players who competed in English Premier League (IPL).

They are vivacious, Andik Us invaders, M Taufik, and Titus Bonai. These players will then be dikerucutkan to 23 time name managers meeting.

Meanwhile, Indonesia will again squads reinforced by naturalized players. Names like Raphael Maitimo, Greg Nwokolo, Victor Igbonefo, and Sergio van Dijk were among the names to qualify for selection.

Indonesia will be faced with Saudi Arabia on the second leg of the knockout stage of the Asian Cup Group C Pre (PPA) 2015. Previously, the centrality of practice (TC) followed by 59 players. Indonesia itself was still at the bottom of the standings after losing the first leg 0-1 in Iraq.

Indonesia National Team Squads
1. the gift of my career
2. I Made Wirawan
3. Syamsidar
4. Hamka Hamzah
5. m. Roby
6. Victor Igbonefo
7. Abdul Rahman
8. Zulkifli Gratitude
9. Riccardo Salampessy
10. Supardi
11. Ruben Sanhadi
12. Tony Sucipto
13. Imannuel Wanggai
14. Ponaryo Astaman
15. Ahmad Bustomi
16. Raphael Maitimo
17. m. Taufik
18. m. Ridwan
19. Taught Us
20. Greg Nwokolo
21. Boaz Solossa
22. Word of Utina
23. Pahabol Ferinando
24. Irfan Bachdim
25. Zulham Zamrun
26. Ian Louis Kabes
27. Sergio van Dijk
28. Titus Bonai


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