The Pac-Man Syndrome

Pac- man was created by Toru Itwani and licensed by

Namco. The game was centered on an old Japanese folk


The object of the game was simply to move through a

maze, while gobbling the dots and avoiding ghosts. Pac

Man was a tear away success spawning a cult in its


It was picked up for production in the US by Midway.

Pac-man was a nice breakaway for gamers bored with an

extreme dose of space invaders. The game soon went on

to strip ‘Asteroids’ as the greatest selling game of

all time.

Game play

The player maneuvers the protagonist through a maze

eating dots. The game proceeds to the next level once

all the dots are eaten.

There are four ghosts which roam around the maze

trying to catch Pac-man who is the character

maneuvered by the player. If the ghosts touch Pac-man,

a life is lost.

The game ends when no lives remain.

At the corners of the maze there are four power ups.

These power-ups render Pac-man a short-timed ability

to gobble up the ghosts.

Once a ghost is eaten, it returns to the ghost pen

where it is revived. The regeneration time for the

ghosts shortens as the game advances through the


Despite the seemingly randomness movement of the

ghosts, their nature is strictly deterministic. This

allows experienced players to devise precise patterns

of movement that enables them to complete levels

without being caught ever.

The simplicity of the game and the adrenaline rush it

created, when a ghost came near transformed this game

into an addiction. Unofficially, it is the most played

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