10 national team Prepare to fight Arab Opponents

Indonesia national team players during practice. (Jakarta Post/Randy Fernando)

VIVAbola- Throughout history, Indonesia had never beat Saudi Arabia. The best record the Team Red White was a draw three times in 1983, 1997 and 2011.

The remaining 8 times Indonesia had to swallow the defeat, some even have a score a landslide victory. However, it does not mean that Indonesia does not have a chance to win when dealing with Arabic in the Pre Asian Cup 2015, night, Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Gelora Bung Karno Stadium could have been witness to history for the first time Garuda Team overthrow Green Falcons. There are at least 10 positive factors for national team-owned provision against Arabs. These factors are:

1. Indonesia showing the best power

Unlike earlier matches matches, Indonesia could have reinforced the best players from Indonesia Super League (ISL) and English Premier League (IPL) — a moment that never happened during the conflict which engulfed Indonesia Football two years later.

Therefore, in addition to keep Indonesia’s chances in Group C PPA 2015, this duel also will be the barometer for the rise of the red and white team.

2. the enthusiasm of players and supporters

The players now being in a high motivation to give my best. Moreover, they certainly will be supported by tens of thousands of spectators in SUGBK.

Unlike earlier matches the action minimal audience, the audience certainly night will quickly become unmanageable. The presence of the supporters who long saw the best team in Indonesia will certainly be additional energy to the players.

3. Arab League players rely solely on local

If your opponent is Indonesia South Korea or Japan, it might be said to be almost zero chance of Indonesia to grab the victory. Understandably they have top players who play in European leagues.

However, the Arab is not Japan or South Korea. Of the players brought in by Juan Ramon Lopez Caro, are all players who play in the League of Saudi Arabia. Most are young players that minimal flying hours.

4. Indonesia had a player in the International League
The display Windows of both points, Indonesia thus better than Saudi Arabia. Currently, Team Red white players who have never felt the tight International League competition outside of Indonesia.

One of them is Irfan Bachdim. Irfan Club Thailand, Chonburi. Then there’s the wastefulness that became Australia’s top scorer in the League with Adelaide United. The experience Taught Us with Major League Soccer clubs (MLS), DC United also could not be disepelekan.

5. Arab Achievements are now being dropped

Saudi Arabia is not currently used to be briefly 4 times in quick succession to qualify for the final round of the World Cup in 1994 until 2006. Nor had Arab Pierce ranked 21st by FIFA in July 2004.

Arabic twice in a row failed to qualify for the World Cup 2010 and 2014. They failed to qualify for the fourth round of the World Cup 2014 qualifying for failing to compete with Australia and Oman.

Arab achievements at the Asian Cup 2011 and 2013 Gulf Cup also belongs to bad. They failed to qualify from the group stage. Poor results in the Gulf Cup with the sacking of coach promoted Frank Rijkaard and replaced Juan Ramon Lopez Caro.

6. Arab blind power of Indonesia’s current

Indonesia has long been not reinforced by the best players. The material current team is much different with that defeated Iraq 1-0 for a few moments ago or who failed to qualify from the group stage the AFF Cup 2010.

Thus, it is certainly not too know the Arab forces of Indonesia. This could make Indonesia’s surprising Juan Ramon Lopez Caro’s fleet.

7. Sergio Van Dijk

Arab coach Juan Ramon Lopez Caro, so be aware of Sergio van Dijk. Striker Persib Bandung is indeed being sharp-sharp and could be a key to Indonesia to take 3 points.

Van Dijk scored 6 goals in 6 games with Persib Bandung. With such a high goal ratio, not unlikely he could be a key victory for Indonesia.

8. the FIFA Rankings
If this match took place in 2004, Indonesia may be inadequate. It was ranked Indonesia and Arab hot Earth and sky.

But today, Arabic and Indonesia are below 100. The Green Falcons now occupies rank 106, whereas red-white Team ranked 166.

9. Record the meeting began to improve

At the range in 2003 to 2004, Indonesia has always been decisive defeat of Saudi Arabia. The defeat of 0-6 and 0-5 had experienced. It shows the difference that quality to be embedded.

But the record slowly began to improve. In 2007, Indonesia barely got Saudi Arabia arrested a goalless draw. Unfortunately the goal was Saad Al-Harthi 90 minutes make national team failed to reap the points.

The last meeting on 7 October 2011, Indonesia was able to withstand Saudi Arabia drew 0-0. But it was still the national team coached by Wim Rijsbergen, who failed to lift the national team achievements are considered. While Arabic is trained by Frank Rijkaard that has many hours flying internationally.

10. Duet Jacksen coach Rahmad Darmawan and Thiago
Arabs may be trained by Juan Ramon Lopez Caro has ever menukangi Real Madrid in 2005-06. However Indonesia needs no trepidation because it had also qualified trainers.

Rahmad Darmawan and Jacksen f. Thiago arguably are the two best local trainers in the country. They have donated many titles for the Club which they rehearse.

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