Accused Not Underestimate This Answer To Mourinho, Drogba

Mourinho was rumoured to have Drogba underestimate. Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 02: 35 PM EST Jose Mourinho & Didier Drogba at Chelsea (daylife)VIVAbola- entrenador Visits Real Madrid’sJose Mourinho to Turkey to Galatasaray was accompanied by power peek news less fun. Mourinho is known close to Didier Drogba is rumored to have striker later that underestimate the Galatasaray.

Turkey and Spain, according to media, Mourinho is now no longer considers former players at Chelsea as a threat. Duel Madrid counter in the quarterfinals Galatasaray Champions League is indeed going to be a reunion for Mourinho and Drogba plus Sneijder.

But it contradicted Mourinho in an interview with Real Madrid TV. “You’ve given me the opportunity to say that the things you see in the media did not bother me at all. Drogba knows who I am and what I feel in my heart for him, but maybe people can think they are right, “said Mourinho.

“I went to Turkey, I work and I see the game. I went before the game ended and then there are statements that call me say bad things about Drogba. I’m not saying he is my favorite player because I had a lot of special players but if I had to choose one, I would probably choose him, “continued The Only One.

Drogba himself joined Galatasaray on a stock transfer from the Club last January rich in China, Shanghai Shenhua. With former foster care Mourinho at Inter, Wesley Sneijder, striker Ivory Coast national team will become the object of Galatasaray against Madrid.

“As a player he was so amazing and I would love to have him on my team. So it is very unlikely I am talking about things that are bad about Drogba, “said Mourinho.

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