Complete results of the Pre World Cup 2014

Finland players celebrate against Spain draw results (REUTERS/Eloy Alonso)VIVAbola- last Night, Friday, March 22, 2013, some pre-game World Cup 2014 in 4 zones of the continent. Competition is fierce and surprise coloring game results overnight.

The most interesting of course competition in the UEFA zone. In Group I, a big surprise happened. The defending champion of the European Cup and the World Cup, Spain was only able to play 1-1 draw against Finland. Though this match takes place at its own headquarters in El Molinon, Gijon.

La Furia Roja’s bad results managed to put to good use by France. Les Bleus plucked a 3-1 victory over Georgia at once seized the game in Group I.

Another surprise occurred in group f. Fourth best players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal almost swallow the defeat of Israel. Lucky they are still capable of playing a 3-3 draw. The results make Portugal still stuck in third place of group f.

In the resounding results of CONMEBOL, won by Argentina and Colombia. Pluck Argentina 3-0 victory over Venezuela, while Colombia beats Bolivia landslide by a score of 5-0. The result keeps them steady in the first and second ranking CONMEBOL zone.

Meanwhile, Mexico is still not able to reap the victory in the fourth round of the CONCACAF zone. They must settle for playing drew 2-2 with host Honduras. The results of the second draw Mexico from two games.

In the OFC or Oceania, New Zealand managed to make sure the steps to the intercontinental play-off. The hosts team Ricki Herbert success picking 2-1 win over New Caledonia. They will face fourth-ranked CONCACAF zone to grab a ticket to Brazil.

The UEFA Zone (Europe)
Group A
Croatia 2-0 Serbia
Macedonia 0-2 Belgium

Group B
Bulgaria 6-0 Malta
Czech Republic 0-3 Denmark

Group C
Kazakhstan 0-3 Germany
Austria 6-0 Faroe Islands
Sweden 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Group D

Andorra 0-2 Turkey
Netherlands 3-0 Estonia
Hungary 2-2 Romania

Group E
Slovenia 1-2 Iceland
Norway 0-1 Albania

Group F
Israel 3-2 Portugal
Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan

Group G
Liechtenstein 1-1 Latvia
Slovakia 1-1 Lithuania
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-1 Greece

Group H

Moldova 0-1 Montenegro
Poland 1-3 Ukraine
San Marino 0-8 United Kingdom

Group I
Spain 1-1 Finland
France 3-1 Georgia

Zone Of The CONMEBOL (South America)
Colombia 5-0 Bolivia
Uruguay 1-1 Paraguay
Argentina 3-0 Venezuela
Peru 1-0 Chile

CONCACAF zone (North, Central America and Caribbean)
Honduras 2-2 Mexico
Jamaica 1-1 Panama
United States 1-0 Costa Rica

OFC (Oceania) Zone
New Zealand 2-1 New Caledonia
Tahiti 2-0 Solomon Islands

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