Harbiansyah Chronological Designation RD-Beberkan Jacksen

VIVAbola -Deputy Chairman of the Indonesia national team (BTN), Harbiansyah describes the chronological designation Rahmad Darmawan and Jacksen f. Tiago as national team coach ahead of a match against Saudi Arabia. According to him, the turnover process was submitted to the Chairman of the BTN, Isran Noor.

“I never did not report anything to the head of BTN,” Harbiansyah said in a press conference at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

“All of my report. An invitation to dinner with the Minister and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would come later on Thursday afternoon. I am aware of my representative. All I have to report it, that’s still one Isran family with me. He even agrees, “beber Harbiansyah.

The designation RD-national team coach Jacksen indeed has caused polemic in the body of the BTN. In fact, the Chairman of the BTN Isran Noor, mentioning the status of both seasoned coaches it is invalid illegalalias.

Harbiansyah then explains that some time ago he had a chance to meet with coach Luis Manuel Blanco. Argentina’s coach then revealed that the composition of the team between the player and the IPL ISL is 50: 50.

“I certainly don’t agree. Because it can-can not choose but choosing best players just because the comparison only. We should not distinguish between each other, “said Harbiansyah.

“Then when the kids suddenly went on strike last Friday because of crossed out and not exercise. The reason is because their names were not on the list of players called. Though I have seen a letter calling. I feel things are not right, “continued Harbiansyah.

Furthermore, the Harbiansyah claimed to hold direct meetings with the players, the whole Isran Noor, and PSSI Chairman Arifin Husin, Real Madrid. And that was one of the decisions of the meeting was the turn of Blanco with Jacksen f. Tiago RD and. “It was Mr. Isran says Blanco could have been shifted to the U-23 national team or other positions. She is still involved in the PSSI kok. “

“But I admit it is very difficult for a continuous communication with the Chairman of the BTN. The phone difficult. During this just sms only. Later it was not to be, “said Club officials Persisam Samarinda.

Blanco Has Not Fired
Reserved status Blanco, Harbiansyah admitted to actually want to notify the plan penggeserannya to the position of technical director. However, according to him, all of banged a communication problem.

“I don’t speak languages of Spain. But everytime I meet him, there never was his interpreter. I am so confused. I think it’s a communication problem. He hasn’t fired us, “she replied.

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