Manibor Mesak withdrew from national team Manager

“I’ll focus as the head of the region,” he said. Saturday, March 23, 2013, 1: 50 pm WIBLuzman Pkab Karami, Jonathan Pandapotan Indonesia National Team Training (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)VIVAbola- Manibor Mesak ultimately chose to withdraw from the position as Manager of the national team of Indonesia. The man who also served as Regent of the Sarmi, New Guinea, felt this was the best decision for himself and the squad of Garuda.

Mesak appointed as Manager of REAL MADRID in October 2012. At that time, the announcement itself was delivered, Bernhard Limbong Team Responsible.

However, in the future, problems occur when the establishment of the Agency in the PSSI’s National Team (BTN). The body was then appointed as Manager of Abel Marati. Whereas, Affidavits Mesak (SK) as a manager has not been revoked. So as not to memperkeruh, Mesak atmosphere finally opted to resign.

“This is a personal decision, for the sake of my self-esteem. The decision to withdraw, it is very precise in order not to affect the plan ahead, especially for International achievement, “said Mesak, Saturday 23 March 2013.

General Secretary (Secretary General), Hadiyandra, PSSI had previously said that the national team manager’s appointment is indeed becoming the domain of the BTN.

Own the future, Mesak hope Barcelona can be doing better. He also claimed to be proud of as a son of Guinea region could be lifted so the Manager of Garuda’s squad.

“The national team should not step down, thus should be increasingly encouraged to rise up. After this, I focus on the job as the head of the region, “he said.

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