Nile Maizar Talk Indonesia Vs Saudi Arabia

The composition of the national team is now much different than when he was tackled Nile. Saturday, March 23, 2013, 09: 11 WIBHaryanto Tri Wibowo, Muchamad Martyrs Nil Maizar (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)VIVAbola -former Football Coach of Indonesia, Nile, Maizar was reluctant to predict the course of the game against Saudi Arabia in pre Asian Cup 2015, Saturday 23 March 2013. Just wish the Nile red-white squad gives the best performance.

Nile is national team coach when Indonesia underwent its first group C game Pre Asian Cup 2015 against Iraq. When it lost to Indonesia 0-1 thin passing touchdowns Younis Mahmoud.

The composition of the squad is much different now with Indonesia when it was still handled the Nile. The arrival of the stars expected former coach ISL Semen Padang it could make Indonesia achieved positive results as against Saudi Arabia.

“My hope of course Indonesia can show the best. What’s more the current squad have also been filled by the best players and the antusiame community is also more than ever before, “said Nile found in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

Regarding the results of the matches later, Nile was reluctant to give predictions. “If for the results, it’s all right outside our control. But the most important is the team should give the best performance, “stated the Nile.

National team coach when the Nile compete in 2012 then the AFF Cup. He was fired after the team lost to Iraq 0 Garuda-1 in match Pre Asian Cup debut in February 2013. Its position and then handed over to Argentina coach, Jose Manuel Blanco.

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