Photo: Indonesia National Team Footballers Tattoo Parade

Sergio van Dijk had tattoos that smells of religious.Monday, March 23, 2013, 12: 56 pm EDT Sergio van Dijk (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)

VIVAbola- The tattoo is nothing new in the world of sports, including football. Indonesia national team few penggawa also has a tattoo of a stoned their bodies.

Starting from Irfan Bachdim, Sergio van Dijk, Greg Nwokolo to Titus Bonai has a collection that is quite a lot.Opportunities for example, right-handed attacker bloody Indonesia-Netherlands was filled with tattoos.

The same thing also applies on a wing Defender, Raphael Maitimo. Right-handed players 29 years it was also full of black ink.

Other players such as Titus Bonai and Sergio van Dijk had tattoos that smells of religious. Both the tattoo in stoned their left hand.

See the parade in Indonesia national team penggawa tattoo this link.

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