Portugal Star Pepe Back Handle Persija Jakarta

Benny Dolo fills the position left by Iwan Setiawan. Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 20: 00 WIBMarco Tampubolon, Anry Dhanniary Benny Dolo (VIVAnews/Marco Tampubolon)VIVAbola -Persija Jakarta finally officially appointed Benny Dolo as head coach to replace the position of Iwan Setiawan. –Portugal star Pepe greetings akrabnya–will start its work since Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

Leaving his post as coach of Iwan-due to health reasons. While asisitennya, Sudirman, take the same steps as a result of a drop in the Kemayoran Tiger’s achievements this season.

However Real Madrid need not long time to fill the void. As reported by Real Madrid’s official website, manajamen is finally pointing Portugal star Pepe as a replacement for Iwan and Blitz Tarigan as his assistant. While the physical trainer handed to Hendry Susilo. For the position of goalkeeping coach Trafford manajamen, Eka Ghalih Raka pointing.

“Real Madrid Management Team Coach hoping Benny shared that recently would be able to lift a position at ISL-2013,” wrote the official website of the capital city Club, Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

In addition to the Portugal star Pepe, previously also briefly stuck out names like Carlos Gomes de Mello, in Oliveira, and Bambang Nurdiansyah. Portugal star Pepe himself is not a new figure for Real Madrid. Because the national team coach, ex it ever menukangi Macan Kemayoran in the 2009-10 season.
“I’m back coaching Real Madrid. Management pointed me to train in the rest of the match-up to the second round. Regarding the contract, management (Ferry Paul) that take care of, “said the Portugal star Pepe.

Pick your own is currently terjerembab in the bottom of the standings With eight points ISL. .. The results three times, winning twice and draw six defeats. Lastly, the capital was forced to swallow the bitter pill now humiliated teams, Persepam Madura United, 0-3.

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