Rupiah Indonesia Ahead Of Elections Caused Vs Saudi Arabia

If the national team play, he could benefit up to Rp1 million.Monday, March 23, 2013, 3: 49 pm WIBZaky Al-Yamani, Jonathan Pandapotan Traders attribute for Indonesia in Senayan VIVAbola -Indonesia national football team will face Saudi Arabia on continued Asian Cup 2015 pre-game, tonight, Saturday March 23. Street vendors or commonly referred to as STREET VENDORS directly run rampant around Gelora Bung Karno (SUGBK).

Based on pantuan VIVAbola, STREET VENDORS are already exploring GBK this afternoon. Anyone selling drinks, food to trinkets Lions squad. The most profitable business of course red and white Team uniform.

Given the large community, the interests of traders were putting up a high enough price. “There are a thousand to Rp150 Rp50 thousand. Any size complete from S to XL, “said one of the STREET VENDORS Lastri found VIVAbola in the GBK.

Lastri recounts, whenever national team stipend, then compulsory law he is selling in GBK. Therefore, the benefit is quite large. “The 2010 AFF Cup was nice. Yesterday, when AC Milan come also passable Glorie. Hopefully today as well so. “

In addition to the sale of uniforms, the sale of drinks in the Senayan is also quite profitable. According to one of the sellers, the senses, if the main national team he can get clean until the fortunes of Rp1 million. “If there’s a concert may not be too big. But, if the main national team was incredible, “he said.

Thousands of people themselves have started to flock to the GBK. Most still sit outside the stadium. Therefore, the entrance of the stadium has not yet been opened. Kick off the match itself will be start at 19: 00. Indonesia hunt down the three numbers in this game as the price off.

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