Ticket Queue Indonesia Vs Saudi Arabia Began Snaking

Ticket Transfer queue in GBK (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)VIVAbola -line at the ticket sales counter action against Saudi Arabia Indonesia begins to look at the Bung Karno Stadium, Saturday, March 23, 2013. Hundreds of would-be spectators willing to come since early morning despite new sales are conducted starting at 10.00 am.

The radar at the ticket counter VIVAbola Al Bina at 08.00 am by already visible line along 100 yards. The atmosphere was pretty orderly, mostly from would-be spectators waiting for the opening of the ticket counter while sitting around relaxing.

Iwan, who sat in the front row line willingly come since 7 am BST, for the sake of being able to watch the game against Saudi Arabia Indonesia. “I’m from the morning at seven. I came also there is already a line, “said the 31 year old male from Depok.

Until this news was revealed, potential buyers continue to trickle in tickets. The atmosphere around SUGBK quite crowded, because in addition to the presence of hunters, as well as many national team tickets from people who do morning exercise.

Previously, the Committee implementing Edi Prasetya ensure the ticket counter will be opened at 10: 00 pm. The sale will be conducted in four ticket counter about GBK, West Door, counter the Al Bina, The East and North. One buyer can buy only a maximum of 5 tickets.

For the price of a ticket, category 3 is sold at Rp50 thousand, thousand, $ category 2 category 1 VIP at Rp500 Rp200, 000 thousand and that is the most expensive with a price of Rp1 million VVIP.

Indonesia will face Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup 2015 Pre advanced Group C.

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