Tips for Watching the game in the stadium, Indonesia Vs Saudi Arabia

The Indonesia national team Supporters using a wide range of attributes to support national team (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)VIVAbola Indonesia national team matches against Saudi Arabia, Saturday, March 23, 2013, inviting public attention again. Any residents flocked to watch the game pre-2015 Asian Cup it directly at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan.

Back players Indonesia Super League (ISL) after chaotic Indonesia Football meredanya, back menyuntikan new spirit from its supporters. Animo was already high seen since a few days before the game.

Many people do not have complete information and coming to buy tickets on the day last Friday. The effort failed because the tickets are indeed not yet sold.

Want to watch live action counter Saudi Arabia Indonesia tomorrow at Senayan? The following tips and guidelines of VIVAbola to watch directly at the stadium:

1. buy a ticket at the counter-the official counters. Avoid buying tickets from touts because fake ticket prone.

2. Four counters officially opened by implementing Committee, namely in The West, the Al Bina, East Gate and West Gate. The counter will start selling tickets at 10: 00 pm. 69,000 tickets ready released.

Here’s the location of ticket sales (kelas-kelasnya):
The West Door counters: only sell tickets, VIP, VVIP category 1.
The counter of the Masjid Al-Bina: category 1, category 2.
East Gate counters: category 1, category 2, category 3.
The North door counters: category 3

3. if you don’t get a ticket, don’t push enter. Because SUGBK has a maximum capacity and it is very dangerous if it continues to seek admission. Do not let life fly just because rush wants to get into the stadium.

create a which does not get tickets could enjoy siarang directly counter Saudi Arabia Indonesia match in the big screen prepared pick. Four giant screens will be set up in as little as the stadium.

5. For who is looking for a ticket, don’t need to come to the Office-in the ring-road SUGBK. Because tickets are only sold at the counter-the official counters only.

Prohibited weapons, firearms or drugs into the stadium. Strict precautions will be made at each gateway in the stadium. About 3,500 Police personnel were revealed.

Avoid carrying firecrackers, Fireworks, or mercon laser pointer because it could interfere with the course of the match. If you want to bring drinks, suggested move to plastic because the bottles are not permitted into the stadium.

8. Parking the vehicle in a parking area. There are usually around the East parking, parking area in front of the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) and around the Al-Bina. If you bring the motor, take your key to avoid double jeopardy wrestling. But it’s more like public transportation recommended Transjakarta.

9. Since the conditions that seem to be crammed, recommended use casual attire. Create the womenfolk, better leave her at home higheels only. Use the casual shoes combined with red dress, typical of Barcelona, more recommended.

10. must be able to keep emotions either before or after entering the stadium. Whatever the outcome on the field should be followed by the fair play attitude of the supporters. If it is present directly means it must dare to accept defeat.

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