Former Liverpool Captain Ferdinand Endorses Rejection to Transfer

Redknapp claimed to have had the same experience with Ferdinand. Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 2: 39 pm GMT Rio Ferdinand (VIVAnews/Muhamad Professorpinch)VIVAbola -a number of the spare even a pout until there is a rejection of the Rio Ferdinand to strengthen international United Kingdom back. But not so with the former Liverpoolcaptain, Jamie Redknapp.

She thus supported the decision the Ferdinand. According to him, at the age of veteran SL (34 years), the Manchester United Defender should really keep his physical condition or she will regret for life.

Redknapp is not the origin of the talk. He admitted to never having now experienced Ferdinand and unfortunately at the time he made the wrong decision.

“I’ve been satisfyingly with the issue of injury while strengthening Barcelona. Liverpool Fans even to send a letter which asked me to retire from the national team and was more worried about clubs that have paid me, “said Redknapp.

“I understand with their desires, but I’d put forward the patriotic spirit of the moment. My last appeared at the national team against Scotland in a Euro 2000 qualification and after the match I was absent nearly a season. There is no one who cares about my condition, including the FA, “he continued.

Therefore, the son of JUVE’S coach Harry Redknapp, is now very them is Ferdinand’s decision. “Ferdinand knows the best for himself. If bad things happen on his return to Barcelona, Ferdinand will not be able to forgive herself, “said Redknapp, Dailymail Tuesday, quoted March 19, 2013.

Ferdinand himself has conveyed his refusal to join The Three Lions squad to Roy Hodgson and the coach could receive and appreciate very much the decision. Instead, Hodgson has called Steve Caulker from Tottenham Hotspur. (ibk)

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