RD Says the reason She and Diego Tercoretnya of Barcelona

Rahmad Darmawan (right) & Michiels Diego (VIVAnews/Fernando Randy)VIVAbola- there was a surprise when the announcement of 28 players who are prepared to strengthen Indonesia’s national team faces Saudi Arabia, later this weekend. The two players are dijagokan naturalization name escaped, Stefano Lilipaly and Diego Michiels, tercoret from the list.

In 28 names announced coach Rahmad Darmawan and duet Jacksen f. Tiago at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, on Tuesday afternoon, March 19, 2013, there are four naturalized players. Raphael Maitimo, Victor Igbonefo, Greg Nwokolo and Sergio van Dijk was given the opportunity to do advanced selections.

Unfortunately, Stefano failed to qualify. So does Diego. Because it is quite surprising, pun prihal tercoretnya RD explains the bloody two-player of the Netherlands.

“From the results of the monitoring exercises that we do, we know that Diego is the player who is smart enough. And we need his speciality as a left back, “said RD in a news conference.

“But, as opposed to later, Saudi Arabia competition will take place strictly for 90 minutes. We need players with a good physical fitness. While Diego for 3 months total stop exercise ball. Time 2 weeks less to restore his physical condition, “explained coach Arema Indonesia.

As for Stefano, revealing just a matter administration RD that makes players League Division 2 Club Netherlands, Almere City, it failed to debut with melakoni. “That’s the problem. Until now, we haven’t been able to the certainty of whether he can play or not, “added Rahmad.

The question whether Stefano still had a chance to appear if the problem his administration could be completed before a match, admitted the door still open RD. “It could be.”

In addition, the name of Stefano and Diego Ferdinand Sinaga also is not included in the list of 28 players. According to Persisam Putra Samarinda strikers, it’s still an injury on his knee.

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